”Life is a Journey”

                             (Outfit of the day)
Hey dolls, I hope everyone has had an amazing day. Today I had a bit of a dress up & put together a pretty nice black outfit. I Love fashion, & style and I’ve Been working as a model, so I have a LOT fun with playing dress up. You should do it aswell sometime, just find a reason or for no reason for it and just take some pictures with friends just looking your best.

Well, As I waited for the train to come, my thoughts started wandering. I’ve Been having a lot of thoughts about how life is a journey, and for every destination it’s required a new you. At my current destination I feel like I have to be there for my family more than ever. I also feel it in my heart that I need to make these necessary changes.. currently I’m growing through what I’m going through ❤️🌺.

I went for a city walk after visiting my dad. This is a lovely view to just sit and meditate to. I usually drift away in My thoughts, dreaming about My goals in life.. once upon a time, I had a certain someone who stood in my way. Never again. And now he is gone, so No more excuses. Let the journey begin 🌸. Believe in yourselfs 💋. And never let anyone stand in your way for your dreams dolls 💖. 

/Sincerely,  Jennilyn Von Janzen



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