”And into the wild I go, to free my mind and find my soul”

I’ve always had a thing for the wild, for the forest, for the animals and for the nature. Since I was a child I’ve been having this craving to explore, to go on adventures and make memories. When I walk into the wild I get an inner peace, and my inner child awakes. I get such inner peace and feel such harmony as I walk alone, surrounded by the wild. It kind of ease my mind and silence my thoughts. For a while it’s just me and the sound of nature, and the feeling of wanderlust which consumes me..

I live in the capital city of Sweden (Stockholm), and here we have mixed city with nature, depending on where you’re located or where you’re at. I feel safe where I live. I know the people and I feel secure in the environment. Far away from my psycho ex (which I talked about in my first blog post). I know if anything would happen to me, I have a great safety net of people that would stand my ground and have my back. But enough about him.

I would love to just follow my desire and runaway to explore new places. To just save money and explore the world more. To find these hidden beautiful spots and create great memories at. That’s life ladies and gentlemen. Fill your life with memories and experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. We weren’t born just to pay bills and die. Wanderlust.. Let’s runaway and be adventurous darling ❤️.

/Sincerely, Jennilyn Von Janzen.



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