Rave Party in the nature

I have always loved nature, since I was a little child. I was a wild child running crazy in the forest and climbing on trees and mountains. It gives me an inner harmony within, and silence my mind. In this weekend that past I was at a rave party with some friends, and I loved it! It’s a party in the middle of the nature with dj’s, and electronic music. Sometimes they decore the place with light effects, other decores like and fires, neon, etc. I felt alive partying in the middle of the nature, it was an awesome feeling!

Here are some pictures from the event/open air. If you have never tried going on a rave party I’d say try it at least one time in your life. This might not be for everyone, but it’s worth a try for the experience. I’ve gone to a couple of rave party’s myself, and some of them was like walking into a movie scene. Quite awsome if you ask me. The people there was very friendly and social. I meet a new bunch of people that seemed very nice. So this was my weekend, how was yours? 😘

 Jennilyn Von Janzen



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