No pain, no gain.

Hey dolls ❤️ 

Today I’m having a chill day to start with, Done some Cleaning and had My coffee. Waiting for the clock to be 4:30 pm so I can go and buy a new bike 😍. It’s a pink ride and I fell in love Hihi. I need my motivation and to start training again, had a lazy summer while I only ate delicious food and goodies lmfao. But how nice that may sound, I gained a little. So now I need to get my shit together and start training again. 

I got invited to participate in Portugals fashion week soon, so I really need to get my body in shape. Don’t have a lot of time so that means I’ll need to Go all-in. My goals is to get back My body. Don’t want to disappoint the designer Sonja ❤️. I an

So back on track. Let’s make this happen. I might be willing to post some before and after pictures later on. I hope everyone will have an magical weekend with lots of love and laughs. 


Jennilyn Von Janzen



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