”Life is a Journey”

                             (Outfit of the day)
Hey dolls, I hope everyone has had an amazing day. Today I had a bit of a dress up & put together a pretty nice black outfit. I Love fashion, & style and I’ve Been working as a model, so I have a LOT fun with playing dress up. You should do it aswell sometime, just find a reason or for no reason for it and just take some pictures with friends just looking your best.

Well, As I waited for the train to come, my thoughts started wandering. I’ve Been having a lot of thoughts about how life is a journey, and for every destination it’s required a new you. At my current destination I feel like I have to be there for my family more than ever. I also feel it in my heart that I need to make these necessary changes.. currently I’m growing through what I’m going through ❤️🌺.

I went for a city walk after visiting my dad. This is a lovely view to just sit and meditate to. I usually drift away in My thoughts, dreaming about My goals in life.. once upon a time, I had a certain someone who stood in my way. Never again. And now he is gone, so No more excuses. Let the journey begin 🌸. Believe in yourselfs 💋. And never let anyone stand in your way for your dreams dolls 💖. 

/Sincerely,  Jennilyn Von Janzen


I’m such a fucking lady.


Hi there, welcome and thank you for visiting my new blog. I’m Jennilyn Von Janzen, and I’m 28 year old woman from Stockholm, Sweden. I usually hangout at my pinterest, but I decided I wanted to try out this blogging thing and who knows, I might enjoy it. But who am I? Well, I came up with the name Jennilyn Von Janzen while I had a struggle in life. I had reasontly left a toxic abusive relationship and was fighting hard to put back the broken pieces together again. My posts was much about inner strength, my fighter spirit, wisedom from lessons learned, sharing experiences, just as much as I mixed it with what I call ‘a bitchy vibe of attitude/humor’. I also spend time trying to lift up others, that’s going through a hard time in life with some good vibes. I mixed that with my hobbies and intrests such as interior, training, fitspo, beauty, fashion, photoshoots, wanderlust, lifestyle, luxury and glam etc. All these things my ex told me I could never do. So I kinda sad fuck off plain and simple with my account, great right?! Big Smile.

Overtime it formed a receipt together and Jennilyn Von Janzen was born. A real and still fictional woman who fought for her right of being herself and for her freedom, while she had a sense of humor during the pain and the experiences (yeah I always had a bad taste of humor bytheway). While finding herself through the shitstorm, and having fun posting all stuff that her narcissist ex boyfriend told her not to do. And that’s what I call awesome dear ladys and gents. I’m such a fucking lady, I know lmfao!

At this blog I will be mixing up inspiration and sharing my thoughts and experiences. I hope you will be reading and following my blog, and while your at it, feel free to post a comment or two. I hope you got an idea of who I am as a person, and where I’m from. Kisses.

/Sincerely, Jennilyn Von Janzen

Ps. Big ups to my dear friend Citty Costas for giving me the courage to start blogging. Thank you hun 😘.