”The sound of silence”

Sometimes I tend to think a lot. Many thoughts spinning around my head at the same time, and I’m having trouble to filter. What’s the sound of the world, and what’s my sound? Of my own. I’m an hsp person (hypersensitive person), also an empath an having ADD. That mix makes me extra sensitive for impressions, and I tend to take it all in. I can easily feel the energies of other when people around doesn’t react. It can both be a gift and a curse, because people with negative energies get attracted to my energy. But I also tend to meet awesome people.

At the moment I feel I’m at a crossroad in life. I’m not sure where to go, or what my next move should be. But I’m moving, I’m just not sure what my destination is. I reasontly been through many struggles, but I feel like the sun is up at the moment. What ever difficulties life will throw at me, I’ll be ready to fight..

(Some autumn inspo)

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend 😘 

Sincerely, Jennilyn Von Janzen🌺


No pain, no gain.

Hey dolls ❤️ 

Today I’m having a chill day to start with, Done some Cleaning and had My coffee. Waiting for the clock to be 4:30 pm so I can go and buy a new bike 😍. It’s a pink ride and I fell in love Hihi. I need my motivation and to start training again, had a lazy summer while I only ate delicious food and goodies lmfao. But how nice that may sound, I gained a little. So now I need to get my shit together and start training again. 

I got invited to participate in Portugals fashion week soon, so I really need to get my body in shape. Don’t have a lot of time so that means I’ll need to Go all-in. My goals is to get back My body. Don’t want to disappoint the designer Sonja ❤️. I an

So back on track. Let’s make this happen. I might be willing to post some before and after pictures later on. I hope everyone will have an magical weekend with lots of love and laughs. 


Jennilyn Von Janzen

Rave Party in the nature

I have always loved nature, since I was a little child. I was a wild child running crazy in the forest and climbing on trees and mountains. It gives me an inner harmony within, and silence my mind. In this weekend that past I was at a rave party with some friends, and I loved it! It’s a party in the middle of the nature with dj’s, and electronic music. Sometimes they decore the place with light effects, other decores like and fires, neon, etc. I felt alive partying in the middle of the nature, it was an awesome feeling!

Here are some pictures from the event/open air. If you have never tried going on a rave party I’d say try it at least one time in your life. This might not be for everyone, but it’s worth a try for the experience. I’ve gone to a couple of rave party’s myself, and some of them was like walking into a movie scene. Quite awsome if you ask me. The people there was very friendly and social. I meet a new bunch of people that seemed very nice. So this was my weekend, how was yours? 😘

 Jennilyn Von Janzen

Freespirit, taking back what you took from me!

I will always be a freespirit, whether society expect me to act different or not. I’m open minded and don’t like people that’s small minded. I got a big heart & craving for adventure. I got a big desire to explore and I have the feeling for wanderlust all the time. I got friends of both genders and I don’t see any problem with that. I don’t like the feeling that I’m tied to obligations or persons that helds me back. This post is a philosophy about life and my experiences when I lost one of the things I care about the most, my freedom. I have a body of a woman, a soul of a child, a mind of the free and the heart of the wild..

I choose to see the good in everyone, even though I get disappointed from time to time. I see the colors of people personalities and auras, not their ”race or skin color”. I believe in peace and freedom, maybe I’m somewhat a mix between a hippie girl and a gipsy. My ex boyfriend didn’t share my view of life and he was filled with judgement that he poured all over the place. He must have been filled with a lot of hate, because too often that was all I heard or experienced with him. He held me back, from friends, family and life in total.

He isolated me, and broke me down. Put me through beatings both physical and emotional abuse, until I lost everything that stood for me. He was trying to ‘build the perfect woman’ (like a perfect being exist for the records) like He was ordering personality traits or looks from a catalog. I wasn’t enough for him, and I didn’t fit inside his box (even though I should have shoved that box up his a long time earlier) I was honestly scared for my life because of that psycho, and he honestly threaten to kill my whole family if I didn’t play along with his sick games.. I might tell you more in details in the future, but at the moment I’m having thoughts about my safety and will keep the details for myself. But then one day, after he had beaten me up so bad I had to go to the dental to get my tooths back in place I finally had enough. 

I decided That Never again will I be offended, beaten, harassed, made small, threathened and be treated like a human doll again. So I started to figure out how I would leave him. And even though it took quite some time, I finally had my freedom back (these type of guys are very dangerous). Never again will I allow myself to be treated like that again, and never again will I never lose my personality, view of life and my freedom. I was born into this world as a free spirit and I’ll leave this world as a freespirit ❤️.

Hope you liked the reading and I hope you’ll leave a comment so I can go over and check out your blogs as well. Have an awesome day.

Sincerely, Jennilyn Von Janzen.

Enfp personality ❤️

Hey everyone, Have you ever heard about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? It was developed from a work by the known psychiatrist Carl G. Jung which refers to 16 personality types. I’m an ENFP personality, such as Anne Frank, Walt Disney, Che Guevara, Ellen Degeneres, Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais, Janis Joplin, Ozzy Osbourne, Gwen Stephanie, Bob Dylan, Will Smith, Robert Downey Jr. Quentin Tarantino etc. I feel that I’m in good company haha 😉. 

Some of the characteristic traits ENFP has is; charming, risk-takers, people oriented, observant, fun, easily bored, curious, passionate, spontaneous, energetic, understanding, charismatic, independent, compassionate, open-minded, friendly, creative, outgoing, very emotional, adventurous, intuition, visionary, flexible, adaptable, idealists etc. Only 7 % about the worlds population are ENFP’s. 

Do you know what personality type you belong to? Feel free to comment your type below ❤️.

Do the test here.


Xoxo 💋 Jennilyn Von Janzen

My key to inner balance

Reasontly I discovered the power of meditation and yoga, yeah sounds like a cliche, I know. But there is some super power that comes with it, you get this feeling of relaxation in your whole body. I was into meditating when I was younger but lost my routines for quite some time, but I’m happy I found my passion for it again. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m an easily stressed person and that’s when I love to take some time of and just invest into myself. It put my mind at ease while giving me some balance. I’m also one of them over thinkers as much as I am a day dreamer and a night thinker. And when I think, I tend to think a lot.. So when being stressed I meditate, train, practice yoga, do creative stuff or write mostly, smile.

So After a long boat trip with some meditation over seas, I decided to go for a swimming session. I won’t lie, my training routines haven’t been the best lately. So I’m kind of trying to improve my self and get better, that’s why the midnight swim lmfao. I will most definitely freeze my ass of, but shit happens, right? You only live ones 😎, so let’s just say I’m on out on another of my adventures, big smile. 

What do you do when you’re feeling stressed?

/Sincerely, Jennilyn Von Janzen.

”And into the wild I go, to free my mind and find my soul”

I’ve always had a thing for the wild, for the forest, for the animals and for the nature. Since I was a child I’ve been having this craving to explore, to go on adventures and make memories. When I walk into the wild I get an inner peace, and my inner child awakes. I get such inner peace and feel such harmony as I walk alone, surrounded by the wild. It kind of ease my mind and silence my thoughts. For a while it’s just me and the sound of nature, and the feeling of wanderlust which consumes me..

I live in the capital city of Sweden (Stockholm), and here we have mixed city with nature, depending on where you’re located or where you’re at. I feel safe where I live. I know the people and I feel secure in the environment. Far away from my psycho ex (which I talked about in my first blog post). I know if anything would happen to me, I have a great safety net of people that would stand my ground and have my back. But enough about him.

I would love to just follow my desire and runaway to explore new places. To just save money and explore the world more. To find these hidden beautiful spots and create great memories at. That’s life ladies and gentlemen. Fill your life with memories and experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. We weren’t born just to pay bills and die. Wanderlust.. Let’s runaway and be adventurous darling ❤️.

/Sincerely, Jennilyn Von Janzen.